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Forget the greeting cards of the past.  Today there is a new and unique way to announce that special occasion!

Current rental prices
Rent Pink Flamingos
These popular birds can be used for almost any occasion. We'll flock your victim's yard with up to 25 flamingos. Use them for birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, new home, etc. Popular messages for the custom-made sign are:
  • We flew in to celebrate Jane's 40th birthday!
  • We're tickled pink to celebrate Mary's Sweet 16th Birthday!
  • A little birdie told us that Kevin has been promoted!
  • Happy 50th Birthday! You've been flocked!

Rent Black Crows
The black crows are perfect for the over-the-hill birthday surprise!  We'll put up to 25 of these black birds in your victim's yard!  Choose one of the following sayings for your sign or personalize your own greeting!
  • Happy 40th Birthday, David... You Old Crow!
  • Lordy, Lordy... Jim is 40!
  • Nifty, Nifty... Andrew is 50!
  • You can't outrun the crows' feet... Happy 50th Birthday, Lisa!

Old Buzzard sign rental
Old Buzzard
This buzzard is about 4½ feet tall and his holding the custom birthday sign for your next victim.
  • Oh No - Chuck hit the big 5-0!
  • Lordy, Lordy, Jim is 40!
  • Sakes Alive, James is 65!

Cows and Smiley Faces lawn display
These cows are great for any birthday announcement or any other happy occasion! Here are some examples of the greetings from which you can choose:
  • Holy Cow, Ted is 50 now!
  • Have an Udderly Happy Birthday, Pam!
  • Welcoming the Johnson's.  We're glad that you Moo-ved into the neighborhood!
  • Holy Cow! Angela Graduated!

Hearts lawn display

For wedding or anniversary rentals, we also include two 4' red wooden hearts which display the phrase, "And the two shall become one..."
These 20" tall red hearts are perfect for a sweet birthday greeting, an anniversary, engagement, wedding shower, proposal or even for holidays such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, or Secretary's Day.  Show someone you care with up to 12 plastic hearts. 
  • Happy 10th Anniversary, Melissa.  I Love You --- Jeremy!
  • Congratulations on your engagement, Jen and Steve!
  • Welcoming home from your honeymoon, Brad and Lisa!
  • Happy Mother's Day... Love, Debbie and John

Dinosaur Lawn Display
Dinosaurs are great for the Over-The-Hill birthday. We place 12 dinosaurs in the yard with your custom sign:
  • Welcome to Geriatric Park! Happy 50th Birthday, Thomas!
  • Mark is 21,900 days old today.  Happy Birthday!
  • There's no bones about it. Today is Theresa's birthday!

Frog Lawn Rental
Frogs are fun birthday displays.  They can be combined with smiley faces for an added effect.
  • Hoppy 10th Birthday, Chase!
  • We're croaking for Michael's 40th Birthday today!

Smiley Face Lawn Sign Rentals
Smiley Faces
Smiley Faces can be used alone or combined with other lawn displays for an added effect. We have up to 16 of these 2' high smiley faces for rent.
  • Happy 10th Birthday, Chase!
  • We're all smiles about  Kristen's 7th Birthday today!

Sports Balls
Choose from coroplast footballs, soccer balls, basketballs, baseballs or golf balls; or combine them for a sports enthusiast.
  • Happy 10th Birthday, Jake!
  • Have an All-Star birthday, Brad!

Birthday Cake lawn display
Birthday Cake
Our 6' tall inflatable birthday cake is perfect for any age birthday display. Add smiley faces or sports balls for an added effect.

*Note: this rental requires an extension cord to be placed in the yard before our arrival. 
  • Happy 12th Birthday, Janice!
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